Shaping healthcare delivery through distribution excellence

Our full-line and specialty distribution services ensure that healthcare products efficiently, reliably and securely reach their destinations every day. Over 300 pharmaceutical products and tens of thousands of consumer products rely on KHAN INDUSTRIES to help consumers access the products they need, when they need them. By seamlessly connecting our partners, we're building a marketplace that helps create healthier futures for all.

Safeguarding the supply chain

As a member in global healthcare solutions, we are dedicated to helping manufacturers and providers improve product access and enhance consumer care. Our expansive presence across all points in the supply chain gives us a unique understanding of logistic industry as a whole. As a participant in various industry coalitions, we have worked to develop cutting-edge compliance solutions that will help create a harmonized, safer, more secure system for all.

Beyond pick, pack and ship

Efficiently distributing healthcare products to the consumers who need them is critical, but the value we provide goes far beyond that. We wear many hats to help ensure the integrity of the healthcare supply chain, elevate our partners' business performance and enhance the customer experience.

Putting our customers first

Each of our 100+ associates strives to create a best-in-class customer experience by making it easy to do business with us. Our highly trained customer service representatives and sales specialists are committed to helping our customers access the products they need, on time, every day, so they can spend less time focusing on logistics and more time on their healthy life.